Crowley Drinks and Favorites


$7.99Cajun Shrimp Poboy

Fried shrimp, tossed in spicy Cajun sauce with lettuce and tomatoes served on French bread

$11.99Fish Dinner

Fried or grilled famous fish.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$17.99Crawfish Half and Half

Fried or grilled crawfish and crawfish etouffee over rice.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$12.99Eggplant Pasta

Fried eggplant medallions over angel hair pasta topped with creamy shrimp sauce, served with a side of salad and garlic bread.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$7.99Fezzo's Ultimate Potato

Baked potato topped with your choice of seafood etouffee, crawfish etouffee, shrimp etouffee, crawfish and tasso sauce or creamy shrimp sauce.

$14.99Fried Crab Cake Dinner

Fried crab cake topped with crawfish and tasso sauce.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$7.99Grilled Chicken Wrap

Grilled chicken, lettuce and tomato topped with Ranch dressing, served on a garlic herb wrap.

$15.99Grilled Salmon

6 ounce Blackened Lemon Pepper grilled salmon.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$15.99Grilled Tuna

6 ounce Wild caught Yellowfin grilled tuna seasoned to perfection.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$10.99Hand Battered Country Fried Steak

Topped with country gravy.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$9.99Meatball Fricassee

Meatballs in a gravy, served over rice.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$14.99Shrimp Half and Half

Fried or grilled popcorn shrimp and shrimp etouffee over rice.|Served with a Salad and Roll.|Add a side $2.49

$8.99Turkey Burger

Large Turkey burger served on a wheat sourdough bun dressed with lettuce, tomato, white onion, pickle, mayonnaise, and mustard.

Specialty Drinks

$7.50Cajun Mary

Zing Zang and Absolut Peppar, rimmed with Fezzo's seasoning and salt

$7.50The Fezzo (Spool)

Absolut, Bombay Gin, and Malibu Rum with pineapple and grenadine

$8.00Electric Blue Margarita

Fezzo's specialty margarita made with Blue Caraco

$6.00Fezzo's Rum Punch

Four rums mixed with three juices. A tropical taste with a fruity kick. 



The perfect mix of Grey Goose vodka, Chambord and fresh pineapple juice


Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua liqueur, and Grey Goose vodka combined in perfect harmony


Orange liqueur, vodka and a splash of lime and cranberry juice

$7.00Lemon Drop

Absolut Citron, triple sec, sour mix, fresh squeezed lemon juice, a dash of sugar, served in a sugar rimed glass


La Terre

Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass - 5.00 |

La Terre


Glass - 5.00 |

Kendall Jackson

Cabernet Sauvignon

Glass - 9.00 | Bottle - 32.00

Kendal Jackson


Glass - 8.00 | Bottle - 28.00

Francis Ford Coppola

Cabernet Sauvignon

| Bottle - 36.00

Ecco Domani

Pinot Grigio

Glass - 7.00 | Bottle - 24.00

La Terre


Glass - 5.00 |

Kendall Jackson


Glass - 9.00 | Bottle - 32.00

La Terre

White Zinfandel

Glass - 5.00 |


White Zinfandel

Glass - 6.00 | Bottle - 22.00


Pinot Noir

Glass - 7.00 | Bottle - 24.00

Chateau Ste. Michelle


Glass - 7.00 | Bottle - 24.00



Glass - 6.00 | Bottle - 24.00

La Crema

Pinot Noir

| Bottle - 39.00

Beers on Tap

Blue Moon

Bud Light

Michelob Ultra

*Feature of the Month

Yuengling Traditional Lager

Beers by the Bottle

Abita The Boot


Bud Light

Coors Light


Dos Equis


Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite


Shiner Brock

Louisiana Community Coffee

$7.00Coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream

$8.00Coffee with Frangelico

$9.00Coffee with Grand Marnier

$7.00Coffee with Kahlua

$2.00Regular Coffee by the Mug

Soft Drinks


Diet Coke


Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper

Hi C Punch


Barq's Rootbeer


Sweet Tea

Unsweetened Tea

Raspberry Tea