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Broussard Banquet Room Page

Here you will find information for all in-house caterings and banquets at our Broussard locations. Remember, rooms may be joined together or seperate, although rooms may say a max or minimum we have the capability to accommodate 80-150 guest in one party. Call the restaurant for further details.

By booking a private banquet room you gain access to the following amenities; multi- media TV, podium, microphone, extra tables for cakes, gifts, sign in or presentation materials, input on the setup of the room (within reason), option to include a roll away bar, and champagne glasses for toasting. Set menus and an in-house catering service can be provide to any party upon request. 

We have extra features for purchase that include; black or white table cloths and upgrading to real glassware. There is a corking fee for any outside wine or champagne brought in.  

Scroll down to view our various rooms and their capabilities. If you need further details then what is given on this page or pricing, please contact Maria ( 

Welcome to the Oyster room!

Seats a minimum of 25 guest and a maximum of 42 guest. Dressed up or down, its perfect for your party needs. 

Oyster room entrance
Catfish room

Welcome to the Catfish Room

Similar to the Oyster Room, seats a minimum of 25 guest and a maximum of 42 guest. 

Welcome to our Alligator Room

The largest of our rooms, this room seats a minimum of 43 guest and maximum of 65. Making this space perfect for larger corporate events or rehearsal dinners. 

Alligator Room

Welcome to our Outdoor Patio

Our outdoor patio is perfect for those sunlight seekers. Now climate controlled with plastic walls, as well as A/C or heating to keep any Louisiana element comfortable. The patio can sit a minimum of 50 guest and maximum of 80.