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Fezzo's Fit Family

(Scroll down for more information on Fezzo's Fit Family and our calendar of events.) 

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Our mission at Fezzo's has always been to give the customer an authentic Cajun experience with friendly customer service, and the best Cajun cuisine around. We want to make every customer feel at home from the moment they walk in until they exit our doors.
We are now extending our welcoming arms to a healthier side of Fezzo's. We have begun by providing lighter options to our menu, and now we ask you to join our Fezzo's Fit Family.
Fezzo's Fit Family is a concept that was conceived by Phil and his wife April, in order to encourage our employees to become more health conscious by committing to designated runs, walks, bike rides, crossfit challenges, ect. We would like to extend that encouragement to our customers and welcome you into our Fezzo's Fit Family. Our Fezzo's Fit Family mission is to simply encourage a healthier lifestyle. 
If you would like to know more about our Fezzo's Fit Family or to sign up for one of our races on our calendar, please email   
(Employees, please remember to check off availability with your manager before signing up for a race. Thanks!) 


What's Going on at Fezzo's?